Monday, September 24, 2007

Welcome in this blog from the Master Research 128 Paris Dauphine University

Hello and welcome to this blog that is a new teaching experience !
I have been teaching this course for 5 years now in the Master Research 128 at Paris Dauphine University. I am very interesting in the Web 2.0 and I would like to start testing this type of communatary tool to teach and enrich the teaching experience.So we are going to share the slides, topics, references, readings that I am using to teach and see what's going to produce as a result.

So If you are a student from this program don't hesitate to participate on this blog !
If you are just coming because you are interested in the topics welcome again and please help us enhancing this course by contributing in the comments aera!

The major topic of this course is how new information systems are reshaping the company to create a virtual company . Then will discuss what kind of theory can help us understand this type of firm. We will move to the last topic which is how management has to be rethinked in this type of organization (what I call the e-management)
You can find the syllabus of this course here. It includes the readings and a large bibliography about the topics discused during the different sessions.


Henri ISAAC said...

What is the textbook for this course?
"e-Business: Organizational and Technical Foundations"by Michael P. Papazoglou (Author), Pieter Ribbers (Author)

Henri ISAAC said...

If you have interesting stuff about "teaching 2.0" don't hesitate to get in touch with me !

Nicolas Schriver said...

Good luck Henri for your new blog! I am sure it will be very interesting. I will read it with interest.

faust said...

Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Can we do web 2.0 eductation with PDF files? I understand the need of copyright, but come on. Isn't it too much?

I let the link of this excellent article (in french sorry):

Henri ISAAC said...

Well, I know this article from Pisani and I don't understand it !! I think that this type of argument is totaly stupid. What should one focus ont the type of file and not to the content of the file ??? What is more important ? PDF files can be read on any OS and enable WYSIWYG whatever the platform and support protection. Why should the content be available on another format ? I just don't understand. It is possible to take notes on a PDF file since version 7 of the Reader ! So I really don't understand. What I understand is what happens to me four years ago when one of my student use my files to teach in another instituton without my permission and without saying it to me. Plagiarism is the right word to define this type of behavior in the networked world. I am fed up working for others for free. sorry!

Anonymous said...

thanx for giving some answers to the exam, do you have some idea about when we will have the marks? (please to publish them on the blog ;)